Kaifiyat1 is the personal blog of Ashfaq Farooqui.

About me

I am Ashfaq2. I enjoy reading, mostly non-fiction, and learning about new topics. My current interests are philosophy and intelligent and safe control. I am currently a PhD student at Chalmers University of Technology, and you can read more about my work here.

About Kaifiyat

I started writing around 2010. There has been no particular topic I write about. I try to write about anything that catches my attention, usually around books I read and my encounters with technology. This blog has come to capture my metamorphosis over time. Hence its name. Kaifiyat is an Urdu word that means “state, circumstances, situation”, and it is used here to denote my State of thought.

I’ve thought at times about deleting some of my lame articles and heavily editing the rest to make them fit my current beliefs and standards of quality, but this approach felt like cheating to me. I was who I was and I wrote what I wrote. To me that certainly has a lot of value. I’ve been thinking lately that being (very) critical of your old work is a good indicator that you’re moving in the right direction.



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I write all of the articles in Emacs Org-mode and export them using Ox-hugo and then publish them to GitHub pages.

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