On the team,CFS14

 I have traveled about 7000 odd kilometers away from home to study,learn and broaden my horizons. What could be more gratifying than being selected to the Chalmers Formula Student 2014 team as a project engineer for vehicle electronics domain.

 Making a student formula race car as a project which is part of the course, and competing with it on an international platform is just one small part of Chalmers formula student Project. It involves many more aspects:-  From setting up your team rules, conceptualizing the car to finally putting it out on the track to compete with other teams and everything in between. This Includes a business aspect of finding sponsors and partners,marketing the car as a final product to the industry and other such things. In short “…its like running a startup…” as said during our first team meeting. All this in a span of 10 months.

From what I gather: I’m guessing this project will comprise a blend of industry and student life. Not to mention, it will be extremely hectic and time consuming but I am sure it is one experience I shall carry with me throughout–The event of my selection has already carved itself in my memory, one which I shall never forget.

P.S: Will be posting my experiences as part of the team on this space.