Common questions answered for aspiring chalmerists

The admission season for  universities in Sweden, like it was for me during my application, the applicants of this year are anxious of what is in store for them. In the following post I will touch upon few of the most common questions, more from an Indian perspective.

How is the job market after studies?

Frankly,There is no guarantee. It just depends on how good you are. It is impossible to get a correct answer to this question. The student union at Chalmers organises the biggest job fair in this region which certainly adds as an advantage but at the end of it its up to you to secure a job.
*What is the cost of living?

Quite high!  Finding a decent place to stay comes at a high price. The student union helps non-EU citizens to find accommodation, the rent to these places ranges from 3000SEK to 6000SEK depending on the location. Food is again quite expensive. A single meal costs an average of 50SEK.
Bottom line make sure your mentally prepared for a high cost of living.

Quality of education?

Definitely better than what you previously had in India, (After speaking to many international people here, its much better than many parts of the world). The cultural and educational exposure I find here is well balanced. The professors are quite friendly so there is hardly any student-teacher barrier, its up to you to make the best of it.

Working during studies?

Well, its possible. The amount of work load during the semesters is quite high for one to take up a job along side. Plus, most of the jobs which you can do over weekends require you to know swedish.
The university does not provide jobs such as Research/Teaching assistant to master student. This is handled by the Phd students. All in all, its very hard to maintain a job while you study.