Growth of the Mavrick's

Its been two years now!It started about two years back, in October. A group of 7 of us, who were bored of the regular monotonous classroom life, wanted to do something different,things which were beyond the scope of the syllabus, outside academics, stuff that would make us different, and we make a difference in the world.Initiated by Raghavendra in October,2010 today this group has evolved into one massive group, and also branched out into different groups with specific interests. mavrick\_meerkat is now a platform for all the students in BMSIT to start something new.

Over the two years this group has seen various activities, technical and non-technical. It has students interested in core technical, hardware and software. students who are fascinated about pure sciences, Physics Chemistry and maths, Literary groups, etc etc…..

As of today mavric\_meerkats has branched out in 3 major groups,

  1. literati: The literary club of the collage, started about a year

back it today has its own small book library, a movie library, regularly has movie screenings, discussions…Being a technical collage its great that such a group exists. Giving students a balance between academics and non academics.

2)*The Glug*:This is the GNU/Linux users group, this is a direct subset of the mavrick group, the functioning and work are same as what the mavrick group did but now focus mainly on software technology.
Students have Peer-to-Peer sessions teaching and learning different Free Software technologies.

3)*The photoelectricchefs*: The newest addition to the mavrick’s family.
A group for hardware enthusiasts, provides a platform for students to learn share and grow in the field of electronics.

All in all the Parent group mavrick\_meerkat still functions as the parent, bring together more students of different backgrounds and interests, helping them maintain a balance between academics and “the real world”. Would love to see how this culture grows stronger in BMSIT and spreads to other regions….
And also waiting to see how much of the idea behind mavricks is implemented in real world.  :)