Miles from Nowhere

 Life!!Something that I’ve always loved and am intrigued by the way it goes. Disappointing at times though, but when looked at the bigger picture it just makes me laugh at my disappointments.

The reason these thoughts suddenly came up, was after pondering about the latest group.The PhotoElectricChefs.

The idea of the group started way back in December 2011, I guess. Finally after discussions over discussions by the end of January it was decided.
The idea was not about a group or anything. PhotoElectricChefs was what we(Aravind and me) called ourselves.The idea was to have a central place where all our work technical and non-technical would be documented. Over time we started writing tutorials on our site for newbies.

Today,it has become one massive group, a group of students across Bangalore who learn,share and innovate in the electronics domain.Not just this it is a group which promotes Freedom hardware first of its kind here in Bangalore.

As I have mentioned in my previous posts and also the name of my blog suggests “just another coincidence” taken from the book confessions of an Economic Hitman , this is another instance of how one idea has evolved into what it is today. One small incident, years ago started a chain of events that has led to this day.

Now to see where the future takes us, and how much more this group will evolve.