Nagarhole-another memorable trip

With the old crew back in action, this was our second trip in a short span of 40-50 days! This time it was back to the origins. With no confirmed reservations or a defined period of stay we headed out towards our favorite location-Nagarhole.

With the regular breakfast stop near one of the farms on the way for breakfast, we headed towards nagarhole. Reaching there at peak noon the heat was much more bearable- unlike the current Bangalore heat. We had an excellent jungle meal, (after ages).

We then went on the safari ride, sighting was decent. We got glimpses of bisons,elephants and deers. back to the cottage before night fall, and the jungle closed at 6, I was at peace. I spent the next 4 hours staring at the sky. With the full moon rising, the stars were disappearing slowly. The wind was cool giving the feeling of a perfect forest.

The next day started off with another usual safari, no much sighting-but few flying peacocks were sighted. after breakfast we were supposed to leave as we did not have reservations.

We left for waynad,kerala hoping to get reservation there. A hundred kilometer drive with an awesome lunch at our regular jubilee hotel, we reached the resort and had our rooms booked. It was a small resort, but a decent place. Located in the middle of dry farms it was another peaceful place to stay.

Dinner was followed by a night safari, I’m sure my previous post shed some light on the night safari and the elephant encounter! The most unique experience of this trip. The excitement and fear can still be felt as i write this post.

We left for Bangalore the next morning, with a halt for a very special and unique lunch near Mysore :D

Oh! how can i forget the second encounter! On our way back, passing through moolehole range we spotted a heard of elephants. A bunch of kids got the elephant angry- and It charged at us! Second time in the same trip. This time the fear was lesser, maybe im getting better with experience! :)

Recharged and refreshed! Back in Bangalore with all the piled up work :(