NEET! An upcoming challenge

Our deteriorating education system has taken another plunge, atleast in Karnataka. As i always complain about the education system we have here, here is another post which points at the blunders, which are about to set the dreams of many students ablaze.

The recent supreme court verdict, to have a common all India medical examination.
Though this sounds like a positive step towards National integration and promoting development to some, it poses a major threat to student studying/studied under the State university board.

 The literacy rate in Karnataka as per 2011 is about 75% which is very less compared to Kerala which crosses 90%. The state has taken measures in order to improve the literacy rate, and a considerable increase since 2001(69%). One major measure adopted by the government was to ease the syllabus. Now with the upcoming NEET which is based on CBSE syllabus students will face major problems in terms on syllabus and understanding. To top this NEET was confirmed just a few months before. Giving students a very short time to prepare.

Many of you may claim it to be the survival of the fittest…..but my point being, when you test students there needs to be a certain level defined well in advance, not suddenly coming up with a totally different syllabus and testing them on unequal grounds.

Another fact to be concerned about, is the migration. Once this exam is done and seats allotted, there will be a mass displacement of students. Students moving out of their states. Though i am not against the fact of students moving out of their home states for education, I am more concerned that there will be growth in only specific regions.(I shall have another post to explain this fact soon).

Giving one particular scenario, A doctor emerging from an backward region is more concerned with solving the problems he/she faced. with the NEET pattern this part of the society that did not get the CBSE syllabus in their education becomes handicapped for the NEET examination.

So the next couple of batches of students from the state syllabus will face major problems if they aspire for a medical seat, they may be forced into subjects they do not like and i guess we know where that road leads….

 I hope proper measures are taken, if not Karnataka may face serious literacy problems for the next few years.