Open day!

This Saturday was indeed fun filled and tiring at the same time! being a volunteer at FSMK, i was asked with a couple of other friends and senior members to  be a part of the stall put up in IISC, Bangalore as part of their open day. We were supposed to educate and enable people about the philosophy of free software and activities related to FSMK. At the same time also help them to switch over to free platforms.
 We started off at around 9 with a talk on storage technologies by a member of FSMK, after this is when we had quite a number of students and professionals visiting the stall. It was an amazing experience to interact with people from different schools of thought. Also helping students understand that there is an alternate way to build upon ideas and projects without having to spend extensively on software.
  We together interacted with about 50 odd people, and few would just listen to the philosophy and keep moving, we did have quite a number of people to whom we demonstrated the features on FOSS and also showed them alternatives to the propitiatory software used by them. One noticeable fact(atleast by me) was, elders and professionals were more interested than students, so i presume that the students do not have much exposure to industry trends and/or are not practically implementing what they study.
 Concluding the activities by 5 we all headed our ways, i attended the music concert organised by the students of IISC, Rhythmica was the name of their group. I must admit, a wide variety of talent was shown. Slow soft and melodious songs  to heavy metal songs were sung, and not to forget their instrumentals which were just mind blowing!!

On the whole i had fun!I hope it was the same for all those who attended it!!