Taking ownership!

In the last couple of years I have been part of couple of groups in college and outside college. There were a couple of them i had initiated, but they failed.
In the process I have learn’t alot.

The most important  thing for all members of the group is for them to take ownership of the group and work as a group, and not for individual gains, though individual gain will be a by-product.

Today as we ‘celebrate’ our independence, we only remember those who gave their lives for this country,  we tend to forget/oversee the major element that got us this freedom of ours. No its not JUST the ahimsa movement by The Mahatma, nor was it the army created by Subhas Chandra Bose, It was the fact that every Indian back then took ownership of the country and worked towards independence in their own way. We just remember a few names since they were pivotal in the movement.

That was the past, today if we look at ourselves, you will notice that the only thing we do, is blame the government, and get about our lives-making money.
Yes there are a few who take the initiative to improve, but then a time comes when the ‘I’ become larger than the ‘WE’ and this is very common in modern India.

Recently, I happened to read a post by a fellow Wikipedia editor from India who had to give up his job as a wiki editor because the people he worked with, did not take ownership of the group-but were more interested in self gain. This is just one example of the many who are forced to give up, as there is no one left to support them.

I think if we can take ownership of our country, of the groups we belong to, and then do our little bit in helping make this a better world then, we will celebrate Independence of a country which has got ridden of poverty, hunger, malnutrition, corruption,…the list keeps going….

So lets stop blaming and posting ridiculous stuff on facebook, instead start doing what you do well and do it for the larger good!

/Leave this world a little better than you found it./
                                                          – Baden-Powell