First snow

 Coming from a region which always has temperate climate, the largest dip in temperature one could experience was rarely subzero and one had to travel high altitudes for this. Though I have already experience sub-zero temperatures during my stay here, snow fall was still missing.

Ever since setting foot on Sweden’s soil, the weather has been a slow transition for me,  from the weather back home. Never giving me a chance to feel the sudden change. Though I was mentally prepared for the harsh temperature I was warned about, there was never a situation to complain about the weather.

Today, was the most unique experience of my four month stay here. Leaving college early for a change, I was first met with continuous rain and heavy winds. On just walking for a few minutes the rain changed to small droplets to ice(Note: it was still not snow). Waiting for the delayed bus, the rain turned to light snow. By the time the bus reached its destination, the light snow had gone heavier and a thin layer of ice was formed on the roads. The roads were now slippery(One of those things, I was warned about) added to this heavy winds, resulting in sliding and being thrown off for atleast 3M every time the wind blew.

On reaching home, it was mandatory to wash hands in hot water to restore blood flow. The measured wind speed on the net was an average of 58Kmph.The snow fall registered was 8.3mm. This was natures way to introduce snow to me.

 Oh, and how could I not have captured the first snow fall!