WinterWorkshop'13-Memories Made!

I guess January is my memory-making time, right after hibernation(As Aravind puts it). Last year as a participant at IIT kanpur and this year on the other side, as an organizer for FSMK-winter workshop conducted at SVIT,Rajunkunte.

As part of FSMK, I have, as i say ‘evolved’ in many aspects. It has been a catalyst and a platform in bridging my passion of technology and my hope to help society in my own way. My every activity with FSMK has been a experience building one- from giving talks to now organizing. Though my contribution was minimal, it was my first experience- it surely was exceptionally brilliant!

The 5 day residential workshop was a mix of technology, culture, philosophy and socializing.
This workshop did not just technically and philosophically enable students, it also provided a platform for students across the state to interact and learn. The Workshop say around 160 participants from across the state and few students from other states too, plus about 20 volunteer participants.

Over the 5 days Students were given hands on sessions on various programming languages ranging from scripting languages to high level languages. Seminars were given by industry experts on few of the latest technologies exposing students to the vast ocean beyond the scope of their syllabus. FSMK being involved with not only Software and technology, we made sure students understood the philosophy and motivation behind Free Software. Cultural and team building events were also conducted during the 5 days.

It was the volunteers who made the camp a complete success. A bunch of students from various colleges and few working professionals spent most of the time at the venue. All of them working for one cause– to make the camp a success.

On a more personnel note- it was absolutely amazing to see and be part of this blend of students and professionals working together. Interacting with student and also few experts like Bhavani shankar, karthik Mistry and many more of them was an experience I will never forget.

Glimpses of these memories can be found at Reflections in time.