2021 in cakes

Out of a whim I decided to bake a cake every weekend in this year. I shall use this space to hold me accountable :)

Week 1: Clementine cake

I randomly came across a recipe for clementine cake, and this is what started me off on this journey of 50 odd cakes.

The results were decent, I think I missed adding yeast and also, it needed lot more clementine to get the flavour in; but a great start :)

Week 2: Honey cake

Flavors enjoyed during childhood always hold strong memories. Growing up in Bangalore during the 90s, I loved the honey cake at the local Iyengar bakery. Very soon, these cakes lost their charm as they started substituting the honey with sweetened water, and the influx of factory based bakery products started killing the local bakeries. Ever since I’ve craved for a good honey cake and I finally decided to make it this weekend.

I guess I’ll end up baking this cake more often now.

Week 3: Carrot cake

I should get into the habit of following the recipes.

I ended up with adding more flour and making the batter too hard.

Week 4: Chiffon cake

After the carrot cake last week, I was looking for some more softer cakes. I found something called Chiffon cake and it seemed interesting to try.

Week 5: Chiffon cake with peach cream

In my attempt to make the pastries I remember eating back home in India, I started Improving over last week’s recipe. Major improvements included adding sugar syrup to make the cake a bit wet and adding a peach flavored icing. Apart from this, last weeks cake deflated when I took it out of the oven. So, this week I tried cooling it upside down as I had read somewhere. But to no avail. The cake fell out of the pan and deflated.

Lets see if I can improve further during the next weeks :)

Week 6: Pineapple cake

This week I was again craving for something from my childhood – pineapple cakes, dipped in pineapple juice. And, I also learned my grocery store (the one I have used for the last 5 years) sells canned pineapples!! I used a similar recipe to the chiffon one. But instead of beating the egg whites separately I beat them all together. Pineapple Double layer The results were great! As you can see, this was my first two layer cake.

I should start keeping track of all the recipes I refer to while baking! Something I have been bad at.

Week 7: Chiffon cake with peach cream

I tried to improve upon week 6’s recipe today. I was a major flop. I think I did not beat the egg whites to the correct consistency; and also, I ended up adding too much water to the flour. The cake looked fine through the cooking process, and after cooling it inverted. But the moment I opened the cake form it collapsed. Will try working on then sometime in the future when I gain more patience.

Week 8: Simple chocolate cake

It has been a busy week with writing my thesis. So I decide to make a quick and easy one. I went with a standard chocolate cake recipe. Equal weight of flour, sugar, butter and several spoons of milk, eggs, cocoa powder all mixed in together to make the batter. The results were quite good, a decently moist cake.

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